Valentine Cards

I know it is way past Valentine's Day but that's OK because these originally began as wedding cards and then I had to change them up for Valentines day.

Starting at the beginning of this year, I will be doing a lot of the Card Club Classes at work.  I am excited about this and a little nervous.  Although I enjoy making cards I have to be honest and say its not where my expertise lies.  I hope all those who make the cards will be patient with me as I learn and grow in this new responsibility .

Anyway here are the cards we made for February.

We did all 4 cards in black and white with a little red accent in a couple of them. The cards were embossed using embossing folders and the big shot.  All the sayings except "be mine", which was stamped, I created using Adobe Illustrator. 

I actually had a lot of fun putting these cards together and hope the 50+ ladies that did them enjoyed them as well.



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