Twister Quilt

Today I wanted to  quickly share with you a  project I have been working on.

Have you seen this tool?  It isn't really new but it was new to me.  We just got it in the store and I decided to try it out!

Its called the twister and it make creating Pinwheels a snap!

Here is the project I am working on.

I choose black, grey, white and red fabrics to make an elegent quilt for my daughter when she gets home from her mission.

Here is the quilt top finished.  My dog Milo really likes it.  I just hope Megyn does as well.

This is an easy quilt to put together. Follow the instructions that come with the ruler and you can have this done in a weekend.

(*I made mine about 1/3 bigger than the instructions say)

Now I am off to mom's house to get it quilted!

Tracy Rushton

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