Birth Announcement using the Silhouette Print and Cut

We have a little baby girl!  She is so sweet and precocious!  

I can honestly say being a grandma is great!  

For Silhouette club this month we are doing print and cut and I decided to put together a little birth announcement in honor of my little granddaughter.  (her parents already sent one out and its is beautiful but I wanted to play around a bit so I did another one!)

The two print and Cut images are from Stinkin' Cute  and they really are just that. They can be purchased from their website or from the Silhouette online store.

To create the announcement I drew a rectangle the size of the card I wanted.  
I divided the card into segments by drawing a grey line.

Decide where you want the images placed.  
Open them into your drawing area.
Size them to fit
Ungroup and remove the cut line from each image.

To type the text,select the type tool and type the words you want.
Use the color picker tool to fill them in with a color from the images
Turn off the color lines.
arrange the text into the areas you want them.

Print the design and then cut out the card.

Its a lot easier then it sounds.  I will try and put a tutorial together to explain this a little better but in the mean time, go ahead and try some print and cut.  

WARNING Its addicting!

Tracy Rushton

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