Tie Dyed Shirt

Its time to show your pride and this shirt is a great way to do it.
I know its a little hard to see all the colors and detail on the shirt but it really is bright, sparkly and fun.  Everything you need for a parade watching, BBQ eating, fireworks attending shirt!
To create the shirt all you need is a plain white shirt, some scrap vinyl, some silhouette rhinestones  and this amazing stuff from SEI.
Its Tie Dye spray in a bottle- what could be easier?  I grabbed the red and blue (blueberry actually) and a silver glitter for my project.
I then went to my handy dandy Cameo to create the vinyl masks.
I drew two stars that were about 3.5" and three starts that measured approximately 2.75"
I also drew three squares that measured 4" each.
Cut all of the shapes out of vinyl.  It doesn't matter the color because they are only being used as masks and will be thrown away.
Next you will create the Rhinestone template.  Its really easy to do.
Select the large star and open the Rhinestone window
under the Rhinestone Effect box choose Edge.
Choose a Rhinestone size.
Repeat for the smaller star.
Follow the instructions on the Rhinestone package ( or see my upcoming tutorial).

(I forgot to take pictures of the next step)

Dye the t-shirt

1. Cover a piece of chipboard or cardboard with a grocery bag and slide it inside the shirt. This will keep the Die from seeping through to the back side of your shirt.

2. Cover your work area with a garbage bag or large piece of plastic.

3. Arrange the vinyl stars on your shirt.

4. Place the vinyl squares on your shirt, covering part of the stars but not all

5. Start with the Silver Glitter Tumble Dry, shake well.
            Spray the front of your shirt lightly; make sure to get the shoulders and as far down to the bottom as you want your design to go.

6. Carefully remove the vinyl squares (but not the stars)

7. Shake the blue Tumble Dry Ink and spray the front of your shirt with a little more spray then you did with the glitter; Don’t go all the way to the top or the bottom of the design so that the glitter spray still shows. Let dry for a few minutes

8. Shake the red Tumble Dry Ink and spray a little heavier closer to the stars and let dry.
9. remove the vinyl stars
Once the Tie Dye is dry, add the rhinestone stars as directed.
Throw the t-shirt in the dryer (wrong side out) for about 15 minutes to set everything.
Now you have a great shirt for all those July activities.
Doesn't my daughter look so cute in the shirt I made for her?
For those who are interested, this was the project we did for June's Silhouette Club.  If you are interested in joining us and learning a new technique each month please let me know.  I would love to have you participate! 

Tracy Rushton

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