Travel Case

Its been one of those days;  hard, sad and good.  Let me explain.
This morning we took our only son to the airport and watched as he left us for the next two years. 
He is going to the Philippines to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Its a good thing.
We have both wanted this for a long time.
He will do great!
Two years is a long time.

This Saturday, my daughter also leaves. She will be headed back to collage after being home for almost a year.
Its a good thing.

Its so hard to watch them grow up and leave home!

So today, after getting back from the airport I decided I needed to do something fun to get my mind off of my traveling children.

This Round 3D travel case was a file I bought a few months ago.  In honor of my children who are spreading out I decided it was time to make it.

The first thing I did was gathered up some supplies.  I already had everything I needed, even if some of it was older paper. (One reason I NEVER throw out old paper- you never know when you might want it)

Next I had to decide if I wanted to use the Cameo or the Silhouette.  You can purchase the file from SVG Attic or Silhouette.  If you order it form SVG Attic, It is called Fashionably French and comes  with a lot of other beautiful  files as well.
Because I had already purchased it from the Silhouette Store I chose to use my Cameo.

The file is pretty big so the easiest way to cut it was to copy and paste the pieces in color groups and cut them. It didn't take long to get everything cut out.

When everything was cut, I embossed some of the decorative pieces and inked them up a little.

I followed the tutorial here to put it together.  
Jodi has done all the work already, all you have to do is follow her simple step by step instructions!

 Because this was in honor of my children and none of them were going to Paris, I decided to leave off some of the french embellishments and added an extra tag (with an R for our last name) and a key and lock.

I ran the lock and the leaves through my big shot with an embossing folder and then inked them up.
I also cut out two of each of the keys, locks and the the bottom part of the leaves then glued them together.  This gave it just a little more dimension.

Don't forget the back.  Its pretty too.

I LOVE my little travel case and I think it will be a perfect place to keep letters in.
(Ya right, like either one of them will write me... A mother can dream can't she?)

Tracy Rushton

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