Halloween Lantern and a New Company

Do you love SVG Cuts as much as I do?

The founder of SVG Cuts has launched a new company called 

Dreaming Tree

This company is only about a week old and to get started they are offering some free files.

This past week I tried the new 

I made two of them so I could get lots of practice and see how I liked these new files.

To begin with I followed the instructions and video to the T. 
 I really like how it turned out.  He even includes a printed vellum file to use that makes it look like there is light glowing inside of it.
Another cool thing is a hanging device is included so you can hang your lantern if you choose.

After I got the hang of this easy project (and it really is easy), I decided to change it up a bit.

This time I shrunk it down to 75% of the original size.
(*Tip if you are changing the size, be sure you change all the pieces)

I also used Frost White liquid ink to brush on the front pieces.  It gave it kind of a brushed metal look.

Instead of the velum this time I used clear transparency film to create the windows.
I loved how that turned out.  Its hard to see but you can see a battery operated candle through the transparency film.

There was only one small complaint I had about this particular file and that is that the side tabs are kind of small and when I reduced the size it really made them tiny.

That being said there is lots I like about this file and this company.
One of the big points for me is on the site  a supply list is included. No more guessing how much paper you are going to need and then running short before completing the project.

The assembly tutorials are great and he even tells you where on the tutorial the project you are making starts, now you don't have to watch the whole video to get to the project you are making.

The pdf Printable Menu has large pictures and print and is easy to read and understand. It also includes a supply list.

Over all I think I am going to be very happy with this company. I have downloaded a few other projects to try so I will keep you informed as I learn a little more.
In the mean time, download this file and try it for yourself.

Tracy Rushton

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