November Silhouette Classes

November Silhouette Classes are ready.  The emails have been sent and the demos are at the store.

Here is a quick pick at two of the projects we will be making,  This month its all about vinyl.

In the Intermediate Class I will show you how to use layered vinyl and how to make everything match up.  We will create these two vinyl projects that you can use on canisters, tile, wood, walls or just about anything else you can think of.  The canisters make great gifts or leave it out on the table for all your guests to have a little treat!

In Design Club we will continue working with Vinyl as I show you how to take a design and make a costume project with it.  

We will also be learning how to make weeding lines for all your vinyl word art projects.  (sorry I forgot to take a picture of the project before taking it to the store- but you can see the demo there)

I hope you will sign up for one or both classes!  
Happy Creating!

PS  both the Canisters and the Lantern can be bought at Wal Mart.


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