Spiderwebs and Magical Orbs

Today at SVG Attic, its my turn again to share a project with you.
At our house this week we are getting ready for Halloween Parties!
I love decorating for Halloween but I wanted to do something a little different this year.

Spiders are just gross if you ask me or any of my girls. 
(did you see the post about the guy who set his car on fire trying to kill a spider?  Yeah I could so see myself doing that.)
However I think Spiderwebs are kind-a cool, especially for Halloween decor, so this year I used a spiderweb theme and made some" Magical Orbs"

To create the Magical Orb you will need a few plastic Christmas ball ornaments.
Remove the little cap and hanging piece.

Next use the spiderweb file from the Whats Brewin? kit from SVG Attic.

What's Brewin'?

You will fill the spiderweb with black and then print it  onto clear transparency plastic.
Next cut a circle around it.
Roll the plastic up and place it inside the ornament.
Basically you are creating a floating ornament but upside down.

Now you will want to create the stands to put them on.

For the first stand I created the Spiderweb Candlestick using the 

Creepy Candelabras

I love every file in this kit and will be using all of them I am sure.
The Candlestick was really easy to cut out and put together.

Once it was finished I used the glue gun to glue the "magical orb" into the top and then added some black tulle.

For the other "magical orbs" I used the 3D candlestick file from the new
JGW Steampunk Hex kit

JGW SteampunkHex

(Another great kit!  So many fun things to create!)

This time I made two of the candlesticks.  Once they were assembled, I inked the edges with a grey chalk ink.  
The Orbs are glued into the top of the candlestick holders using the glue gun.

To create the small banner, cut as many spiderwebs from cardstock as you want to use.
I cut them in different sizes to mix it up just a little.

Ink the webs with the grey chalk and then go over them just a touch with a white chalk.

String the webs onto clear quilting thread.

Tie each end of the thread to one of the candlesticks.

Tie some black tulle in between some of the webs.

To finish it off, Tie a big bow around each of the candlesticks.

I love how these turned out and I feel ready to host our Halloween party now!


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  1. You did a really awesome job on everything in this post! You are such a great artist. Great minds think alike, because I was talking to Jodi W. not too long ago about the possibility of doing floating ornaments for Christmas :) Thank you for being GDT for us at SVG Attic!

  2. This is Awesome! I love the cool candlesticks and fun web banner!
    Love the pretty stand too!
    Have a blessed day,
    Crafting With Creative M