Valentine's Day Banners

I love making banners.
Its one of my favorite things to create.

When I got asked to decorate for our ward's Valentine's dance I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

First off I plugged in the Cameo and cut a ton of red, white and pink hearts, then I added cupids in black and lips in pink and red. I also cut words like Love, Cutie, XOXO, Be Mine and Kiss Me, in different sizes.
I hung the shapes and words all over the walls.
(sorry no pictures for this- Church gyms are not the best place for taking photos)

For the tables, I used the cameo again.  This time cutting out some very pretty heart dollies.
The dollies were laid under heart shaped bowls filled with candies and cheep rose petals from Walmart scattered around. 
Very elegant, simple and pretty.
Still no pictures.

For one corner of the room, we made a "Selfie Station"
On the white board I hung the Kiss Me banner (below) and some more of the shapes.
On a table sitting next to the white board was this sign and props.
The Selfie Station was a hit!
(These are the pictures from my daughters party, I reused the sign and some of the props then made some new ones as well- no pictures)
Lots of pictures now floating around on Facebook and Instagram

To finish off the Decorations I created three Banners.

The Love Banner was easy to create.

Find a font you really love,
Type the word and make it really big.(The letters in this banner are about 11" tall)
Add some holes on the top and  then cut.
String them all together with a ribbon and a great banner is ready to go.
Try it with any word you like.

The Be Mine banner was created using a basic pennant and a heart with scalloped background.
 Use a basic serif font to create your letters.
To add a finishing touch, add a cupid on each side of the letters.
Tie the Pennants together with string and then add some pretty pink tulle.

Here is a close up look.
I think it turned out pretty nice and its big too.

I made the Kiss Me banner almost the same way as the Be Mine.
Use a basic scalloped Pennant.
The font is called Cheri and its one of my favorites. Do an offset for the letters.  Glue the letter to the offset/shadow then add both to the pennant with foam pop dots.
Add a heart and some lips to finish it off.

Here is a close up of the banner.
The Kiss Me banner is the one I used as part of the back drop for the selfie station.

Not sure which one is my favorite because I love them all, I will leave that to you to decide.
In the mean time try making a banner yourself. You will be surprised how fun it can be.

Tracy Rushton

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