Nail Art

Did you know that you can use vinyl to create the perfect nail art?

I wanted something for St. Patrick's day tomorrow but I didn't want to spend hours at the salon or a ton of money!

I had some green vinyl from a previous project sitting on my desk so I thought why not!

First decide about how big you nail is.
I drew a rounded rectangle and sized it to approximately the size of my middle finger nail.

Find a shape you want to use and size it so it fits inside the "nail" shape.

Cut out as many shapes as you need.  I resized a few for my littler fingers.
I also cut out some extra in case they tore or to share with my daughter.

Apply to clean dry nails.
I have found that the vinyl sticks great to acrylic nails or nail polish just as well as with gel nails or polish.

Cover with a top coat and let dry.

Wha La!
You can use your little vinyl pieces on one nail, all nails or to accent a few.
 You will never have to spend money on a salon again and you can do almost any shape you want!


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