PDF files and Easter Cards

I love the students in the my Silhouette classes.
Usually I teach them but this week we played around and learned together.

Have you ever found the perfect saying or sentiment for your handmade cards but it was a PDF file and you were not sure how to use it?

Silhouette Studio makes it so easy to import PDFs and use them almost like a stamped image.

First you need to find a pdf with sentiments that you like and save it to your hard drive.

I created this one in Illustrator for our class but you can find hundreds of them on google or Pintrest.

1. Open up you silhouette studio and a new working window.
2. Go to file and open. Navigate to where you saved your .PDF and click on it.
3. A pop up window will open

Choose import as Vector
Uncheck the group box
Change the DPI  to 300
Click on import

4. It takes a second or two but the .PDF will show up on your cutting mat window.

Each of the letters is now its own shape.

5. Draw a selection box around the sentiment you want to use.
6. Group all the letters
7. Convert to path by right clicking or opening the Object tab and selecting Convert To Path.

You can leave it in black or select the sentiment and change the fill color
You can also resize it to make the sentiment bigger or smaller (it is a print file so if you make it to big, you might lose some of the quality)

8. Place the sentiment inside a shape and group it again.

9. Set up to do a print and cut by turning on the registration marks and placing the sentiments inside the red lines

10. Open the cut setting windows
Choose advanced
Cut by line color
Turn of all the colors except the red line
Make sure the Material Type is correct

Print and then Cut

You now have sentiments printed inside the shape for your card.

Here are some samples of the ones we did in class using the card templets
 set we created.

I hope you will try this fun technique.  
Silhouette Studio makes it so easy to add sentiments and sayings to all of your projects.

Tracy Rushton

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