SVG Attic Big Announcement and the Eiffel Tower

I have been waiting for a while to make this big announcement
drum roll please....
I am no longer a guest designer for SVG Attic.
I am now part of the I Team.

I love paper crafting and SVG Attics is one of my all time favorites.

In honor of this exciting news I thought I would share a project I have been working on.

The Eiffel Tower is just one of the many files found in  SDS Paris Voyage .

SDS Paris Voyage

The finished project stands almost a foot tall and is so beautiful.

Short Story

I have to have a proud mom moment.  My youngest daughter loves all things France.  
She has taken french in school for the last 5 years (she is a sophomore this year).

Last summer she was working at a water park when a lady fell off one of the slides and was seriously hurt.  The lady only spoke french and couldn't tell anyone what had happened.  Over the intercom Jennifer's name was called to come and help.
She translated for the women with the  First Aid staff and later for the EMT when an ambulance was called. Jennifer was able to calm the lady down and help the emergency workers attend to her injuries.

Ok back to the post.
We have been re-doing Jennifer's room and she wants all things Paris!  
For the most part she has done it herself and it looks amazing but she asked me to make a few things, including some vinyl,when I saw this file I knew she needed it.

I am very pleased with how it turned out and Jennifer loves it.
The project was actually pretty easy to put together.  Jody has a great tutorial on her blog and it went together easily and there isn't a ton of pieces either.

Come back later this week and see another project I made for her room using the same files.


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  1. Welcome, welcome to the SVG Attic family. We are so excited to call you one of us :) This is a fantastic project! I love the colors you used on it. I am sure your daughter will love it in her room! She sounds like a beautiful person inside and out!

  2. Thank you Beth, I am very excited to join all of you talented ladies!