Birthday Card For a Special Someone

Happy Birthday to my son

Just a quick post.
Tomorrow is Tyson's Birthday.
He is serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Chris of Latter Day Saints in the Philippines.
I miss him but he is right were he is suppose to be.

About two months ago we made him a care package with some of his favorite things.
Then fearing he wouldn't get the care package in time we sent him some letters and I created this card for him.

I love how the card can fold up and display a small little message AND he can have a small decoration for his apartment for a few days to help celbrate.

The card is a file from My Scrap Chick.
It went together pretty easy and I did it just like she had because I loved the colors so much.  
I did emboss the cake pieces but it is really hard to see i the pictures.

Anyway Happy Birthday Tyson!  I love you

6/5 update: Tyson finally got his care package- a little late, But the cards and the letters arrived just in time. A little worn but very much appreciated!


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