Disney Bags

We are getting ready for a family vacation so for Easter this year I gave all the girls things that they could use while we were traveling.

To keep their things organized I gave them each a bag to travel with.

The bags were bought at Walmart.
I then designed and cut out the Heat Press Vinyl using my Silhouette.

Here is a close up of each bag

I made one of these before so if it looks familiar there is a reason.

I will be redoing the Mini bag; didn't notice until after I had set the vinyl that I cut off part of her ear.
Oh well.

Its hard to see the detail on this one, but its actually my favorite.  I used the "glitter" Silver Heat transfer and I love how it turned out!

On the back I added a little Micky/Minnie head and the name.

Our Trip is getting closer and I am so excited!


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  1. Your tote bags are wonderful! I have very little experience with HTV. I use regular vinyl all the time, but I really would love to start doing more projects like this!