How to Design Your Own Handmade Flower with the Silhouette

In may my Design Club students learned to design and make their own 3D handmade flower.

I thought I would share with you today so you can make your own as well.

3D Flower
1. Turn on grid settings
            a. Set Spacing to 1

            b. Set divisions to 4
2. With the Ellipse tool draw an oval
3. Open the scale window and size the oval to 3.25” x 1.40”
4. Double click on the oval to get the Edit points
5. Using the grid lines, drag the bottom middle edit point down 1 ½”

6. Use the grid lines again and add edit points to the top of the oval, spaced ½” on both sides of the middle edit point. (click on the line to create an edit point.)
7. Use the grid line and drag the top middle edit point down ½”. 

8. Use the Ellipse tool to draw a perfect circle.
9. Resize the circle to 1.5”
10. Place the circle over the “Petal” shape so it overlaps on the bottom as shown.

11.  Select both shapes and weld.

12. Use the Control + the down arrow to make two more copies of the image. (total of 3 Petals)
13. Open the scale window and resize the first petal to a height of 1”
14. Resize the second petal to a height of 1.25”
15. Resize the third petal to a height of 1.5”
16. Open the replicate window
            a. select the first small petal and make a row of 3
            b. Select the second, medium petal and make a row of 4
            c. Select the third, large petal and make a row of 3 twice.
17. Save as 3D flower

18. Cut the petals from cardstock.
19.  Bend and curl the petals (I like to use a large stylus but you can use a pen cap or even your thumb and fingers)
20.  Ink all of the petals.
21. Starting with the largest petals, glue the middles together to form a flower, bend and roll the petals a little more as you go.
22. Add a button, gem or brad to the middle.

Use your flower to top off a gift, or add to a card.

Tracy Rushton

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