Back To School Fun

Today is back to school at our house.
For my project at SVG Attic I thought it would be nice to create a couple of projects in honor of the day.

These projects would be great to give as teacher gifts but I think I am going to use them for our "homework" desk here at home.

I started with the Desk Organizer.
I love all the little drawers and the side pockets.  Perfect for storing all of your desk supplies in one place. (I need this!)

Crayon boxes are perfect for elementary kids but what about high schoolers or teachers?
Givethem a fun decorated box filled with some m&m's or other treat.  I placed a plastic transparency in the window to keep you treats inside the box.

The last project was this book.  I used a Halloween file (book of spells) and changed it up (a lot).
I omitted all the spooky Halloween stuff and on the spine, instead of using the decorative strips I used washi tape.

3 fun projects to get you excited for back to school!
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  1. You did a fabulous job on all of the school projects! I love that caddy, but I have yet to make one.