Chalkboard Signs

Wedding, wedding, wedding.

That's pretty much all that has been on my mind the last few weeks.

My Daughter Rachel is about to get married and I am very excited for her.  We LOVE her fiancee and can't wait for him to join our family.

I will post pictures of the reception later, but because sometimes it is hard to get the light right I wanted to share some things I have been working on.

Its been a bit of a challenge with the reception, Rachel wants elegant and traditional and Logan prefers simple and modern; one thing they both agreed upon was they liked the Chalkboard look.

I found some simple chalkboard signs at Walmart and chalkboard place settings at Target.

With the help of my Cameo and some white vinyl, I was able to create a few things for the tables.

This is for the brownie table.  I get hungry just thinking about those yummy treats!

There will also be Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Hershey Kisses wrapped is Silver and Purple
(you can buy bulk kisses at Amazon)

At the book table, although they are not doing the traditional book.  
( I will show that later)

And a fun way to send them off!

The best part about these signs is by using removable vinyl, I can reuse them again in April when Megyn gets married!

(yep- two weddings in 4 months- heaven help us)

Tracy Rushton

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