Introducing Cricut- Design Space Classes

As most of you know,  and because this blog is pretty much dedicated to it, I love my Silhouette/Cameo cutting machine!

I have 3 different Silhouette Classes at the store and 
I have the best group of women and men who come each month to learn something new and create fun personalized projects.

For a while now, Heartfelt Hobby and Craft has been asking me to teach a class using the Cricut and the  Design Space software. 

I am happy to announce that starting in February I will  hold a monthly class for those who want to learn and get more out of the Cricut.

Each month we will create a project while you learn the  basic techniques  and some advanced skills

This month I will show you how to import files purchased from an online source 
(My Scrap Chick);
how to cut multiple projects at once and how to personalize files to meet your own needs.

Class will be held on Thursday February 23, 2017 
from 6- 8 pm.
The cost is $10.

To sign up  email me or call Heartfelt Hobby and Craft in Sandy, UT

Once you have signed up I will send you an email with a supply list and a link to purchase your files.

Here is a closeup of some of the projects you will make

A card

A tag, lid cover and wrap for a pint jar

and another tag, lid cover and wrap for a quart jar.

For those who have asked, I am not set up yet to do Online Classes, however I would be happy to send you a classroom handout  with all the color photos  supply list,  instructions and links.  
Simply email me for a PayPal link.

Sign up soon because space will be limited.

*You must have a laptop, with wireless capabilities and a Cricut machine that is compatible with Cricut Design Space
(Cricut Explor, Explore Air, Explore one and Explore Air 2)


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