Valentine Projects

This past week at one of my classes, I was asked for pictures of the individual projects for January.  I realized that I had the group pictures but not a picture for each one.   So here you go.

If you want to make just one project of get an idea now you can see a close up of each project.

  Heart & Bow Fry Box 

Love banner

Arrowed Heart Treat Box

A print and cut sign 

Card 1
Use an Music Embossing folder from Darice

Another card using a different  embossing folder.

A wreath using hearts cut from some of your favorite papers.


A match box card

A Spinning Valentine card

Everyone needs a Mail box, perfect for holding all those love notes.

All of the files are from  the Silhouette online store.

Grab a few of your favorites and start your Valentine projects today!


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