Valentine Card made with Cricut Design Space

Did you know that right now you can make 10 free Valentine Card's in Cricut Design space?
TEN!  but you have to hurry because its only good until February 14th.

It is so hard to choose, I think I will have to do them all but for this post I choose the 
Hello Darling Card.

Cricut makes it very easy, you just choose the project you want, cut and glue.

Or you can change it up a little like I did.  
It even comes with an envelope.

Got to go... more cards to make!


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  1. could you give us the link to these cards?

  2. here is the link, I tried to include it in the post but it would not accept it.
    The link is

    Once you are in Design Space, go to file and then Make It Now. It is the Hello Darling Card.