Valentine Heart Box

Welcome to February, the month of love!
Today for my SVG Attic post I am excited to share a beautiful Valentine's day project.

This heart box reminds me of my Grandma.  
Grandma had a couple of old vintage heart boxes, that my grandpa had given her.  Since she was one who always found a way to  re-purpose something, her boxes were decorated with buttons, bows and scraps of lace.  They were beautiful storage boxes that held letters, cards and other important items.
So when I first saw this heart box, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

The box is part of the JGW Vintage Valentine Collection

You can follow Jodi's instructions here to cut and put it together.

I doubled up the inside liner pieces and it made the box very sturdy.
By using double sided printed cardstock for the sides, even the inside looks finished.

The paper I used is Bo Bunny Sweet Moments.
To finish it off, I used some of the elements from the Lid Embellishments but then I added flowers from the G is for Gratitude Collection and 2 keys from Snapdragon Snippets that can be found in the Silhouette store.
I cut two of each key to make them thicker.  I also used the small hearts from inside the key and added them to the lid as well.

Tie the tag and the keys with some baker's twine and you have a beautiful keepsake heart box.
What will you hold in yours?


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  1. Your heart box is gorgeous! I love the colors you used on it. The flowers and keys were absolutely the perfect touch!