Pedicure Gifts

Looking for a gift for your mother, sister, daughter or best friend?
How about a Pedicure?

Start by gathering your supplies. be sure to include, a foot soak, lotion, files, and nail polish.  
Of course you also need flip flops to show off those cute toes.

Next you will want to make something cute to put those supplies in.

I used files from My Scrap Chick to create two different gifts.

The first option is to place all your goodies in a large tote.
Start with the Caddy Essentials  files.  I used caddie #10 and enlarged it by 50%.
I also cut panels for the side of the box and the inside (see instructions down below)

Next open I love pedicures file and cut out the feet, flip flops and 4 of the flowers.  

To make panels for the box follow these easy instructions using your Silhouette Studio.

1. Open the Caddy  #10, resize by 50% and ungroup.
2. cut each piece for your caddie twice  before moving to the next step.

3. With the knife tool, cut the box piece just above the tabs.

4. Delete the bottom piece
5. Open the Offset window and create an internal offset with a distance of .125.

6. Delete the original piece and cut two copies of the panel.
7. Assemble the 2 caddies.  
8. Glue them back to back.
9. To make the panels for the side, and to hide the seam, measure the side and draw a rectangle that is the same size.
10. Make a copy of the side panel.
11. cut the decorative panels from and accent paper.
*the front panel is already includes in the file.

Here are some other views of the caddie/ tote


(top view)


So Cute!!!

The second way to wrap the gift is to place everything in a large cellophane bag.  Tie with a large tulle bow and add a fun card.

To create the card, use the Flip Flop Shape Card.

1. Cut the card but delete the flowers and the sentiment tag.
2. From the I Love Pedicures kit, open the I love pedicures file.
3. Resize to fit the flip flop card.
4. Cut and Place on the front of the card with foam pop dots.

So easy to do.

Here are the files I used to create both project. 

Caddy Essentials
AND.. everything is on sale for $1 this weekend!

Paper is from DCWV -Peachy Keen

I hope you all have a great mother's, daughter's, sisters, best-friend's, girl's day!!!

Tracy Rushton

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