Butterfly Cards with MSC and video tutorials

What a beautiful day it is today!  The sun is shinning, the weekend is here and its my favorite time of the year.

Today I have a post for My Scrap Chick Design team and its all about butterflies.

I used 3 different files to create the three cards but I mixed and matched them up a bit.
I also have 2 video tutorials to show you how easy it is to use My Scrap Chick designs with both the Silhouette/ Cameo and Cricut.

The Easel Card is made from the Butterfly Easel Card File.

It is made using the file exactly as is (no resizing or anything like that), however I did change the sentiment label to a print and cut and added my own sentiment. 

Here is a video showing you how to import the files, create a print and cut and set up to cut using the Silhouette Studio new version 4.

The next card is from Card Essentials 2 and uses elements from the Butterfly Easel card.

This video shows you how to uses element from different files to create a project in
 Cricut Design Space.

The final card is a card box using a file from  5" X 7" Box Card Set and the smaller butterflies from the Easel Card.
It is very easy to do and as with the other cards can be done in either Silhouette or Cricut.

I hope you will watch the videos (leave some feed back too please), visit My Scrap Chick and make something fun this weekend.


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  1. Tracy....Great job! May be my first endeavor with new software after my cast if off:-)

  2. Hi, very well explained and easy to follow tutorials. Much appreciated. Good insight to the latest upgrade for the Cricut.

    regards and thanks