Tell a teacher they Rule

One more week and then school starts.  
Do you know a teacher who deserves a little extra?
I created this pencil box to share with one of my friends who is a teacher.

You can find the project ready for you to open and cut by clicking here.
You will also find a PDF with assembly instructions

If you want to design it yourself here is a quick run down of what I did.
You will need the following Files

Open the Enjoys Grape box and resize it to a height of 8.5"
and ungroup
 To remove the grape images from the top of the lid 
* Click on the lid and detatch then move the perforation marks to the side.
*Select both the pink base and the lid, with the Align Tool center them
*With both images selected, click on the weld button.
You will now have a pink lid
*Select both the Perforation marks and the lid and with the align tool click on center
*Click on the Attach tool.
* Open the Shapes tool and select the square.  Resize the square to 1.85"
*Click on the Large apple and resize it to a height of 1.75 or to fit inside the square.

*In the layers panel, click on the thumb nail of the lid 
*click on the black swatch to change the lid to black
*Repeat for the panel, changing it to white.

*Using the steps above, change the box color to red (matching the red from the apple)
*With the shape tool select square
*change the size of the square to  1.9" x 6.9
*Duplicate three times so that you have a total of 4 rectangles
*Change the color of one of the rectangles to white
*Leave the other rectangles the dark grey (this will be cut from the printed card stock)

Side Panel
*Resize the ruler to fit on the white panel. (aprox 1"x 6.6")
*With the text tool type the word Teachers
*change the font to script font you already have available or pick one from the drop down menu.
*Weld the word if you would like
*With the layers panel, click on the thumb nail of the word
*In the top Click on Write
*Choose the black marker

*Place the word teacher on the white panel just above the ruler- you will need to resize it.
*Select both the word and the white panel and attach (make sure not to include the ruler).

*Using Life is a Party font, type out the word RULE
*In the Layer's Panel turn on the font shadow
*Change the shadow color to green
*Change the letter color to red
*Place the words on the white panel and resize to fit

*Change the height of the tag to 3"

Finish and Cut
* Open the Color sync panel and make sure all the images are colored the way you like.

Once everything is the way you like it hit the green Make It button and start cutting.
If you did it just as I did, you will have 7 mats.

That's it, now you just need to assemble your box.

Like I said, if you don't want to go to all that work you can simply click here and the project is already designed for you.  
How cool is that?

Now lets see what you can do with this project.

Be sure to check back this week as I have a couple of other projects for back to school... Interested?
Follow me and then come back and see whats new.

Tracy Rushton

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