Unboxing of the Cricut Maker

We have been on Vacation the last week.  It was so fun to explore new places and see new sights but when I got home (after midnight) last night, guess what was waiting for me?

A very special box from Cricut. 

I was so excited I took photos as I unboxed it so you could all see it too.
(just don't look to close at my messy, half unpacked but nothing put away bedroom)

Even the box is pretty...

Lets get started...

A small sample of some new materials Cricut has and that can be cut with the Maker, including fabric.

The Rotary blade!  

A USB cord, a new Cricut Marker- yeah and of course the warranty information.

2 new mats, Fabric and light grip

The Actual Cricut Maker- wrapped twice to keep it fresh and perfect.

Power cords are at the bottom.

Isn't she pretty?  

A view of the inside, looks pretty familiar, but no button to push when opening, just gently 
lift and it opens by itself.

Redesigned, larger storage area.

Two storage areas on the top and one of my favorite features, a place to rest your tablet or phone.

Now I have to take it to my craft room, plug it in and start playing.
Did I mention you also receive 50 free ready to make projects including 25 sewing patterns.

If you are interested in learning more about the Cricut Maker or would like to order one for yourself 
click here and let the fun begin.

If you have questions please leave a comment and I will do my best to answer it or find the answer for you.

Tracy Rushton

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