Custom Made Halloween Shirts

After a crazy, hectic, busy but great week, Saturday I found myself without plans. 
So what do you do on an open weekend?
Play with the girls of course!!

Two of my sisters  Carla and Katie (The Crafty Blog Stalker), my mom and 4 of my nieces decided it was time to create some Custom Made Halloween Shirts.

Putting the Explore to good use.

My cute niece learning the Cricut Maker (oh and how I love the Foil Vinyl!)

The funnest part (besides just hanging out of course) was picking out, or designing our own shirts.  

Using the Easy Press made it so easy.

I was going to take pictures of each shirt but we got laughing and goofing off too much and I forgot... Oppps.  You will just have to check out the picture.

In honor of my newest granddaughter, born last Thursday, I made this shirt.

I will wear it proudly.

Most of the shirts we made were pre-designed- meaning we just cut and ironed.  What could be easier right?  In fact before the day was over we ended up making 12 shirts, if I counted right.

I designed my own shirt using images and fonts from Cricut.  
If you want to make your own shirt like this you can do so here.

All in all, I would say it was a pretty successful day!

Tracy Rushton

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