More Halloween Projects for you to consider

Just in time for Halloween  on the blog at Heartfelt Hobby and Craft I have  some new projects.

Today we are featuring Matilda and Godfrey from PhotoPlay.

The first project is a two page scrapbook layout.  I loved using the stickers.  I added some green brads to complete the page.

Poison bottles are always fun for Halloween and these are perfect. They are made from 100% paper.  The lid comes off so you can fill them with all kinds of treats.
The files can be found in the Silhouette Store.
Instead of the labels I used the stickers to decorate the front of each bottle. 
Finish with a tulle bow.

Plastic Test Tubes are a great way to hand out treats or share with coworkers but you need something cute to hold them in.

The test tube holders can be found at 

Create a tag using one of the stickers included in the Photo Play collection and add another to the front of the box.

So cute!

And of course cards.
Cards are so easy to do with this kit.  I used scraps of paper, Journal Tags and stickers to create these one of a kind, handmade cards.

I hope you enjoy these fun Halloween projects.
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Tracy Rushton

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