Give Test Tube Filled Treats For Any Occasion

Test Tubes can be a great little gift for any occasion.
I have updated the files for the test tube holders and they are ready for you.

They come in two sets or 5 different files

The Single holder is for one 4" test tube.

The Tall Test Tube holder is for 6" to 7" tubes.

The Double Holder was designed for twice the fun, fill it with two 4" test tubes

The Triple Holder, carries 3 test tubes, two small and one larger 7" tube.
(or any other combination).

Back To Back holder makes a little tote to carry two smaller 4" tubes.

There are a couple of places you can find the test tubes

The Digital files can be found at 


I hope you will give these a try and share your projects with me. 

Tracy Rushton

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