Use Tattoo Paper To Decorate Easter Eggs

Do you and your family decorate eggs for Easter?
Have you ever used Silhouette Tattoo paper with your eggs?

The results are beautiful and different then  when using the old dye and vinegar.  

I put together a little video showing how to apply the tattoo paper. 
(please forgive a couple of small mistakes, I was in a hurry to get this on)

There are so many designs to choose from but this Design (Design #93317) is one of my favorites.

The video will show you why its important to mirror the image before printing.

For this project you will need: 

Eggs; I used these wooden eggs but boiled or plastic eggs would also work.

Paint the wooden eggs with a pretty pastel color or dye boiled eggs before applying the tattoo paper.

If you are looking for a new different way do decorate your eggs this week, give Tattoo Paper a try

Tracy Rushton

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