Easter Treats

Easter has come and gone but I wanted to show you one last project, and this one is all food!

A few weeks ago I was checking out  Pintrest looking for a different treat we could do for an upcoming Bridal Shower. 
I found Push Pop Cakes.

If you have not seen these you really need to check it out. There are some super amazing ideas.

I ordered the Push Pops and was so excited to use them, decided to make some practice ones for Easter.

I enlisted my 18 year old and away we went.

Start by making two cakes but bake them in a jelly roll pan with parchment paper on the bottom.

We used two yellow Gluten Free Cake mixes.
(my daughter- in-law  has Celiac  so we are learning a lot about Gluten Free).
We added red food coloring to one of the mixes to make it a peach color and left the other one yellow.

When the cakes are cooked and cooled, use a small cutter to cut circles from the cake.

Next was Green Butter Cream frosting in a piping bag.

Coconut dyed green and Jelly Beans were needed to finish it off.

Layer the cake, frosting and Coconut in the push pops.  
Top with more frosting, coconut and a few jelly beans.

A friend at work, who's talent is wood, made me a stand to hold 24 push pops.  

We had a lot of the cake circles and coconut left over so I made a 
Bunny garden with the extras.

Both treats were a great hit and perfect desert for our Easter Dinner.

I think I might have a new hobby.

Grab some Push Pops for yourself and then lets see your photos!

Tracy Rushton

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