4 oz Mini Cup Treats For Fall

Fall is in the air and I have some new files to celebrate.
Who doesn't love something warm on a crisp morning?
These Mini Coffee Cups and totes are perfect for sharing.
Filled with a mix or sweet treat, they make a great gift for a coworker or neighbor.

These little 4 oz mini cups are pretty cute all by themselves but you can also decorate them with the 
Mini 4 oz Wrap Label and Tag.

Once your cup is ready and filled you can place it in a cello bag or give as is; but to make it really fun, place it in a stand or tote.

The Mini Stand is a great way to hold your little 4 oz cup.  It is small and goes together very quickly.  An added bonus - Once the cup is filled with a warm treat, the stand keeps it from being knocked over!

If you want to add a little more to your treat use the Mini Stand with Gift Card Holder.
You can slip a gift card into the pocket on the back!

Double the fun with the Mini Double Tote.  
Think of all the possibilities when you use this tote, fill both cups with mixes or treats or mix and match.  Also comes with the optional gift card pocket.

If you are ready to share some fall warmth, check out my new files at either 


Tracy Rushton

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