Garden Kits Available

Oh someone needs to stop me.  Please!  I have had to much fun with these kits.  I love the greens and bright much fun.

This month I have 4 new Garden kits for you, 2 wood & paper and 2 wood & vinyl.

Garden blocks are a fun way to show your love for all things green.  It comes complete with garden gloves and tools.  Cost is $14.

Bloom and Grow blocks.  This is like getting two kits in one!  A total of 6 blocks that you can arrange anyway you want. Lots of green and 3D dimension on this one.  Kit cost is $12.00

How does your Garden grow?  This Garden Grow Saying kit is super easy to do and a great way to get you excited about going outside?  Kit cost is only $10.00

Welcome kit is a wonderful way to welcome all who stop by to enjoy your garden.  This easy kit is paint and vinyl.  You can order the kit pre-painted or wood only.  Kit cost for either is $10.00

As Always, if you order three different kits, you will recieve $5.00 off your order.
To order kits, please email me  ( by May 21, 2010.  All kits will be ready for pick up, delivery or shipment next week. 

For those who missed out on the Home and Family kits, I have enough material to make a few more, if you are interested please email me ASAP.

And one more reminder, I now have a pay pal account and can take credit cards over the Internet.  Just email me.

Happy Gardening !


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  1. These are so cute!!! Great job!!!

  2. You make the CUTEST blocks ever! i love your blog:) i gave you an AWARD! go check it out at

  3. Finished my garden kits last night! I love them!