Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 12- Reindeer Food

Day 12
Hopefully today the tree is decorated the gifts are bought and wrapped with a pretty bow.  The neighbors have all received their goodies and the pies are in the oven. 
You’re ready!  Time to sit back and relax right?
I am sure you haven’t forgotten about Santa and his cookies but did you forget the reindeer that pull the sleigh? Don’t worry you have plenty of time to make this super cute, super easy bag of Magic Reindeer Food.

Magic Reindeer Food Recipe
In a small bowl mix:
1cup uncooked oatmeal
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup red or green sugar crystals (as used for cake decorating)
1 crushed candy cane or mint candy

Place Magic Reindeer food in sandwich size Ziploc bags.  Don’t fill them too full; we don’t want to make those reindeer so full they are unable to finish the job.

To make the bag topper
(courtesy of Organized
Cut 4 pieces of Red cardstock at 6.5 x 5.5. Fold in half the long way.
Cut 4 pieces of printed Christmas paper (I used Bella Boulevard) 6.5 x 1.5
Staple the bag inside the red cardstock.  Place staples in the middle
Glue the Strip of printed paper to the middle over the staples
Use a foam pop dot or glue and add the tag.

Give these to all the little ones you know.  They will think you are amazing!
After the Magic Reindeer food is done, now you can relax.
 Thank you for spending the last 12 days with us. 
Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

(be sure to check back after Christmas for some fun new block projects and kits!)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 11- Gift Card Holders

Day 11
Gift Card Holders

There is no shame in it! Gift Cards make a fantastic gift.  Ask my kids, they love them! If you are feeling a little guilty for handing out gift cards this year, make an easy, handmade card to hold them. 
(Still show all the love, with a lot less work!)
Supplies needed for one gift card:
1 4x6 cardstock
Scraps of printed paper
Stamps, stickers or other embellishments
Scor-pal or trimmer with a score blade
Red Tacky tape
Small glue dots
(And a gift card)
1.      On the long side of your 4x6 cardstock, score at 1” and 3 ½ “.
2.      If you have a boarder punch on hand you can add a decorative edge to the card.
3.      Fold on the score lines.
4.      Use Red Tacky Tape to hold the bottom (1”) fold in place, making a pocket for the card.
5.      Decorate the front of the card with paper and embellishments.
6.      On the inside stamp to and from or write a short message.
7.      Use a glue dot to close and secure the card.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 10- Sour Cream Tubes

Day 10
Sour Cream Tubes

These little Sour Cream Tubes are the easiest things in the world to make and they go together so quickly; perfect for those last minute treats!

For each tube you will need:
6x6 printed cardstock
2- 1.5 x 3 coordinating cardstock
Red tacky tape

1.      Run the red tacky tape along one side of the 6x6 cardstock.
2.      Role into a tube and secure with the tape.
3.      Staple the bottom together
4.      Fill with your favorite treat (almond m&m’s mmm!)
5.      Close the top in the opposite direction and staple closed.

To finish
Score the 1.5 x 3 strips in half the long ways.  Fold over, with tacky tape apply to both ends of the tubes to hide staples.

Add a tag and some button and ribbon.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 9- Paper Bows

Oh, we are on the down hill now.  Less than a week to go.  Don't panic we still have plenty of good things coming your way, everything you need to finish your Christmas preparations.

Day 9- Paper Bows
No package is complete without a pretty bow and here are the prettiest bows of all.  They are not hard to make; they just take a little practice the first time.  But they are so wonderful and the perfect thing to finish up your Christmas wrapping.

To make 2 bows you will need:
1 sheet 12x12 double sided printed cardstock.
1 paper fastener (the big gold brads you find with the office supply products)
Hole punch
Paper trimmer
Foam pop dot

*Cut the Cardstock as follows:
1.       Cut 4x12 piece
2.       From that piece cut 2- 1x4 inch pieces
3.       Use the remainder and cut 8- 1x5 inch pieces
4.       With the 8x12 piece that is left over cut 16- 1x6 pieces

You should end up with:
Two- 1x4”
Eight- 1x5”
Sixteen -1x6

*Punch a hole in both ends of each strip.
*Loop the 1x4 strip and place the Fastener through the holes.
*place one of the 1x5 strips onto the brad and then twist the other side around and place the hole through the brad. Do this for 3 more 1x5 strips.
* place one of the 1x6 strips onto the brad and then twist the other side around and place the hole through the brad. Do this for 3 more 1x6 strips.
*Repeat this step again with 4 more 1x6 strips, staggering them between the first 1x6’s.
*open up the brad on the bottom to hold all the strips in place.
*place a foam pop dot on the bottom of the bow to use as adhesive to place the bow on your package.
On each step I alternated which side of the paper I used, or you can use the same side for each step depending on how you want your bow to turn out.

Make a fun gift by placing 4 to 6 bows in a large cello bag; cut out tags from coordinating paper and tie together with pretty ribbon.  Place everything in a bag and add a tag that says “a little something to Tie up and Top off your holiday”

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day 8- Candle

 Day 8
Christmas Candle

This little candle is so versatile.  You can use it as a decoration on your table or mantle or place it in a cello bag and give it as a hostess gift.  The best part?  It is super fast and easy to do.

Start with a white candle (or other color if you choose.)
Cut a boarder of printed paper to fit the middle of the candle.  I used Little Yellow Bicycle, Wonder and Wishes.  I love the Home for Christmas boarder paper.  It was perfect; I just cut out the strips and used them as they were.

WO-101 - Home for Christmas/Red Check

Wrap the paper around the candle, overlapping just a bit in the back and cut off the remainder.  Use a strong adhesive (scor- pal tape or a tape gun) to hold the paper to the candle.
Tie a little raffia around the middle.  Ribbon would work well also.
I used poinsettias by Prima but you could use any flower you have on hand or punch some out of paper.  Use Pearl headed pins to pin the flower to the middle just to the side of the raffia knot.

That’s it you are finished.  To give as a gift, make a tag that says”May the light of Christmas be yours all season long.” Use some of the scraps of paper to trim the tag. Tie it all together with more raffia.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 7 -boxes

Day 7
Why is it that all year long, I fill the recycling with all kinds of boxes but come December there isn’t a box to be found?
Here is a super easy way to make and decorate a box that is perfect for those smaller gifts.

For the 3” box (middle size) you will need:
9”x9” printed Cardstock (bottom of box)
5”x5” printed cardstock (box lid)
Red Tacky Tape
Scor-pal or paper trimmer with a score blade.


1.     Score the bottom of the box at 3” and 6” on the top and side.
2.     Cut the sides.
3.     Add Red Tacky Tape to sides and fold.
4.     Score the top of the box at 1” and 4” on the top and side.
5.     Cut the sides
6.     Add Red Tacky tape to sides and fold.

To make the small box
6”x6” cardstock, scored at 2” and 4” for the bottom
4 x 4  cardstock, scored at 1” and 3” for the lid

To make the large box
12 x 12 Cardstock, scored at 4” and 8” for the bottom
6 x 6 cardstock, scored at 1” and 5” for the lid

Follow the rest of the instructions.
You can either cut the box out of printed cardstock or from a solid color and then add squares of printed paper to each side.

Add a tag and some ribbon and you have the cutest little box, perfect of that special, one of a kind gift.

I used Bella Blvd, Christmas wishes paper.  The tags were made using the Journaling stickers from the same line.  Easy peasy!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 6 - Paper Socks

Day 6
Paper Socks
Can you hear the bell ringing? The school bell that is.  Yep winter break is almost upon us but before that there will be plenty of “Holiday” (Christmas) parties going on.  If your kids are anything like mine, they want gifts for everyone and something nice for the teacher.

These little paper socks are perfect.  The kids can help you put them together and they are so cute, everyone will want one.
The paper is Little Yellow Bicycle but you can use anything you have on hand or even plain cardstock.

Supplies needed:
Favorite printed Christmas cardstock
Scraps of printed cardstock for trim
White cardstock
Brown or black ink
Elmer’s school glue

(I used my Silhouette to cut out the socks, trim and all the pieces. You could also use a die cut, punch or trace them from paper.)

1.    Cut the socks out, you will need 2 mirrored pieces (a front and back)
2.    Tape a small loop of ribbon to the back of the front sock piece.
3.    Use the Elmer’s glue and glue the front to the back of the stocking leaving the top open. Set aside to dry.
4.    Cut out a cuff and a scalloped border.
5.    Glue the border to the cuff (I used my tape runner.)
6.    Tie a ribbon around the cuff, on the seam line.
7.    Glue the cuff to the sock.
8.    Cut a scalloped circle from printed cardstock
9.    Cut a smaller circle from white paper.
10.          Stamp a greeting on the circle or print it from your computer before cutting the circle.
11.          Glue the words to the scalloped circle
12.          Add the scalloped circle with a foam pop dot.

The sock is the perfect size to hold a candy cane, bite size candy bar or other small treat.

So grab some paper, scissors and you kids and make up a few of these this weekend.