Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Treats

Today is Halloween!!! Who is excited? 
I love Halloween but at our house we kind of play it low key.  Tonight we will be home-base for the kids as they are off to Trunk or Treats and hanging with friends.
When the evening gets dark and before they "hoodlums" start causing mischief, everyone will come home for a dinner of "bat wings" (buffalo wings) and Pizza and we will watch a scary movie. (OK not to scary, Vanhelsing is about as scary as I can handle!)
I also decided to make a little "trick or treat" bag for my teenagers who hand out candy and not gather it.
Because I waited until this morning I had to do something quick and easy but I still wanted fun!

I used product that I already had on hand and filled them with some chocolate and sour candies.

To create them I used some digital files, silhouette files and even a photo I found on the We R Memories Facebook page. I printed them all off using my Silhouette Studio and then cut them.
Layered with cardstock and foam pop dots and tied the bags closed with tulle.

I love how these turned out! 
Now the kids are calling me to come and carve pumpkins...
One of these days I will actually get my stuff done before the actual holiday (oh who am I kidding?  We like doing it when we can all be home and do it together.)
One last project I did a few weeks ago but just haven't posted yet.

Little haunted houses filled with candy. 
File from Silhouette, so cute and easy to do.  I made a bunch but then gave the all away!
I hope you have a safe and fun Halloween


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Christmas Stocking Advent Banner

I know its almost Halloween but I wanted to share something I have been working on.  It has three of my favorite things.
*Advent/Count downs

This was made using my Cameo.  Each sock is actually cut out twice and glued together to form a little "pocket".  Perfect for slipping in a candy cane or a little not.

I used foam pop dots (my go to technique) to add the numbers and some of the embellishments.

To hang it from the ribbon, create little tabs and glue them to the back side of each sock. 

So excited for this.  I am thinking this might be the perfect little pre-Christmas gift for our sister missionary.  We could slip a little note for her to read each day. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Baby Girl Shower

Hello fellow crafters!!!
I wanted to share some fun projects I created for a super exciting reason.  Let me explain the reason first...
My eldest daughter is expecting her first child, my first grandchild.  She is actually due tomorrow but you know babies, they come when they decide its time, not what the calendar said.
A few weeks ago, my other daughters and I threw a baby shower for my eldest and her sweet baby girl.  We had a lot of fun planning decorations, games and food. 
For the games, we turned that over to my daughters best friend and she did a great job! We created Onsies, guessed baby food and chocolate poop and even guessed how big around Tia's waist was.
For food we asked the mom to be what she wanted and she said, of course, ICE CREAM! (What pregnant women doesn't want ice cream?)
The decorations were the fun part.  I put my Cameo to good use and we created all kinds of fun things.
My favorite was the "its a girl" owl banner
(Unfortunately the only photo I got was this really cruddie one!)
My Son- in-Law liked this so much he kept it so he could hang it in the window and announce to their neighbor hood that the little princess arrives.
Next up we decorated all the tables.  I went to my stash of papers and found all the miss matched pink and printed pink cardstock I had on hand.  We also added black to make the pink really stand out.
We also bought table clothes with different patterns and different pink hues.
Of course if you are going to have ice cream you have to have all the toppings, so I made little place card holders with each of the toppings printed out on them.

To create the circle banner I first cut out a ton  of 2" circles using the Cameo. Then I glued them front to back over a length of string.
I picked up some pink buckets at Michael's that were on clearance for .75 cents.
I placed the green flower foam in the bottom of two buckets and then hid it with pink and white tissue paper.
Next I placed a 12" dowel into each bucket.
To finish it off I tied the circle banner to each dowel. 
The baby blocks were cut out using a simple box file from the Silhouette store.  Watch for a tutorial coming up!
Here are some close ups of more decorations.
The Chalk Board Tag was made using sketch pens and my Cameo. Its so easy to do.  I will be teaching a class next week on how to use sketch pens and will put a video together for that as well.
I made two of these tags. With a stick glued to the back of them I tied them to two more clearance pink buckets with some tulle and had a perfect place for a little thank you hand out and  one for cards to be placed in.  Perfect.
To finish off the table settings I made the word girl using .svg files from (I love these 3D letters!  I use them all the time!)
The decorations were such a hit my daughter took them home to use in the nursery.  Got to love that.
One more thing to share...

This is the quilt I made for our sweet little one.  Once again I used a bunch of different pink fabrics to create it.  The backing is blue to match her nursery colors of pink, hot pink and dark blue.
The quilting was done by Andrea at Heartfelt Hobby and Craft and the pattern was one I found in the McCall's Quilting Magazine. 
Ok little princess... now we are just waiting for you to get here.  Please hurry!