Wednesday, March 30, 2016

SVG Attic Big Announcement and the Eiffel Tower

I have been waiting for a while to make this big announcement
drum roll please....
I am no longer a guest designer for SVG Attic.
I am now part of the I Team.

I love paper crafting and SVG Attics is one of my all time favorites.

In honor of this exciting news I thought I would share a project I have been working on.

The Eiffel Tower is just one of the many files found in  SDS Paris Voyage .

SDS Paris Voyage

The finished project stands almost a foot tall and is so beautiful.

Short Story

I have to have a proud mom moment.  My youngest daughter loves all things France.  
She has taken french in school for the last 5 years (she is a sophomore this year).

Last summer she was working at a water park when a lady fell off one of the slides and was seriously hurt.  The lady only spoke french and couldn't tell anyone what had happened.  Over the intercom Jennifer's name was called to come and help.
She translated for the women with the  First Aid staff and later for the EMT when an ambulance was called. Jennifer was able to calm the lady down and help the emergency workers attend to her injuries.

Ok back to the post.
We have been re-doing Jennifer's room and she wants all things Paris!  
For the most part she has done it herself and it looks amazing but she asked me to make a few things, including some vinyl,when I saw this file I knew she needed it.

I am very pleased with how it turned out and Jennifer loves it.
The project was actually pretty easy to put together.  Jody has a great tutorial on her blog and it went together easily and there isn't a ton of pieces either.

Come back later this week and see another project I made for her room using the same files.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Nail Art

Did you know that you can use vinyl to create the perfect nail art?

I wanted something for St. Patrick's day tomorrow but I didn't want to spend hours at the salon or a ton of money!

I had some green vinyl from a previous project sitting on my desk so I thought why not!

First decide about how big you nail is.
I drew a rounded rectangle and sized it to approximately the size of my middle finger nail.

Find a shape you want to use and size it so it fits inside the "nail" shape.

Cut out as many shapes as you need.  I resized a few for my littler fingers.
I also cut out some extra in case they tore or to share with my daughter.

Apply to clean dry nails.
I have found that the vinyl sticks great to acrylic nails or nail polish just as well as with gel nails or polish.

Cover with a top coat and let dry.

Wha La!
You can use your little vinyl pieces on one nail, all nails or to accent a few.
 You will never have to spend money on a salon again and you can do almost any shape you want!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Pot of Gold

Happy St. Patrick's Day

If you are like me you might be scrambling to come up with some little project for the kids.
I have the answer.

These little Pot o Gold boxes are perfect for last minute handouts.

They are designed by Lori Whitlock and can be purchased from her website or in the Silhouette Store.

The pot is one piece.  You simply fold the tabs and glue it together.
The little Shamrock has a hole in it.
All you have to do is tie the Shamrock tag on with some twine and then fill it with "gold".

I have to admit, I went a little crazy with these! My kids, the ladies in the office, my neighbors, hmm... I wonder who else would like one.

Grab this file and make up a few tonight.  
I promise, they are that easy!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

PDF files and Easter Cards

I love the students in the my Silhouette classes.
Usually I teach them but this week we played around and learned together.

Have you ever found the perfect saying or sentiment for your handmade cards but it was a PDF file and you were not sure how to use it?

Silhouette Studio makes it so easy to import PDFs and use them almost like a stamped image.

First you need to find a pdf with sentiments that you like and save it to your hard drive.

I created this one in Illustrator for our class but you can find hundreds of them on google or Pintrest.

1. Open up you silhouette studio and a new working window.
2. Go to file and open. Navigate to where you saved your .PDF and click on it.
3. A pop up window will open

Choose import as Vector
Uncheck the group box
Change the DPI  to 300
Click on import

4. It takes a second or two but the .PDF will show up on your cutting mat window.

Each of the letters is now its own shape.

5. Draw a selection box around the sentiment you want to use.
6. Group all the letters
7. Convert to path by right clicking or opening the Object tab and selecting Convert To Path.

You can leave it in black or select the sentiment and change the fill color
You can also resize it to make the sentiment bigger or smaller (it is a print file so if you make it to big, you might lose some of the quality)

8. Place the sentiment inside a shape and group it again.

9. Set up to do a print and cut by turning on the registration marks and placing the sentiments inside the red lines

10. Open the cut setting windows
Choose advanced
Cut by line color
Turn of all the colors except the red line
Make sure the Material Type is correct

Print and then Cut

You now have sentiments printed inside the shape for your card.

Here are some samples of the ones we did in class using the card templets
 set we created.

I hope you will try this fun technique.  
Silhouette Studio makes it so easy to add sentiments and sayings to all of your projects.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Easter Projects for Silhouette Classes

Easter is coming just a little bit early this year. 
Are you ready?

This month we will be creating Easter projects in all of our classes.

Silhouette Out Of The Box  will be held on Thursday, March 3rd  from 6 to 8 PM.  
This class is for all those who are new to Silhouette/Cameo, or feeling they could use some help with the basics.  We will go over how to set up your Silhouette/Cameo, making your first cut and purchasing designs.  You will also learn how to manipulate your designs and what all those little icons are used for.  You will receive a 10 page "bible" of all things Silhouette, and a homework project to get you started.
Bring your laptop and your machine and mat, we will get you cutting and creating before the night is over.

Silhouette Intermediate Class will meet on Thursday, March 24th , from 6 to 8 pm
This class is for all those who have taken the Out Of The Box Class or are already familiar with the Silhouette.  In the intermediate class we create projects using silhouette files and learn new techniques.  This month we will be learning how to create your own images and shapes using the drawing tools and edit points.  

Silhouette Design Club will meet on Tuesday March 8th  from either 1 to  3 PM or 6 to 8 PM.The Design club is for advanced users of the Silhouette and you must have Silhouette Studio Design Edition Software.  In Design Club we move at a fast pace! 

 This month we will create card templates and elements that can be used over and over to create dozen of cards for any season on sentiment.
We also be working with PDF files.

The sample projects are all at the store now.

To sign up email me or
 call Heartfelt Hobby and Craft in Sandy, Utah.

I hope you will join me for one of these fun classes and then check back on the blog for some tutorials and information.