Friday, November 2, 2012

Autumn Blessings

New kit just in time for the fall.  This Autumn remember all the blessings you have. 

Autumn Blessings
This kit brings in all those beautiful fall colors.  Comes with Painted wood, paper, letters, vinyl and embellishments.  Everything you need to make a statement.  Place it on a shelf or mantel or even use it as a table decoration. Help all who enter your home to be grateful for all those blessings.

To order please email me by Nov 5 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Layouts

I hope everyone had a great Halloween.  Did you get all the candy you could eat?  At our house, the only one who wanted to Trick or Treat ended up home with the flue so we made a big dinner of "bat" wings, pizza, chips and cider.  The older kids and their spouses came over and we ate while watching "Van Helsing" (my favorite Halloween movie with Hugh Jackman!)

Now that the festivities are over and before you jump into the next holiday (is it Thanksgiving or Christmas at your house) here are some ideas to scrapbook all of you Halloween photos.

These layouts were all done for Heartfelt creations using new product that has arrived at the store
This layout uses paper from Moxxie.

This layout uses Reminisce.  I love the vintage look to it.

This layout will be a kit of the week soon.  I will give you more details when it is available.
If none of those fit your fancy here is a sketch for you to make your own.
I hope you had a great day. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Blog Update

Please be patient with me.  I am trying to update my blog.  It might take a couple of days but I think you will really like it when I am done!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Trick or Treat

                                       Just in time for Halloween, I have a new kit for you!

Trick or Treat
cost $16
Enjoy this mystical, yet not to creepy, trick or treat block kit.  Comes with everything you need including paper, letters, vinyl and embellishments.
I have already sold out of these at the store and have a waiting list but I held a few back for my blog followers.  Email me by Oct 12 to get yours!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bo Bunny Mini Album and other fall projects

I am super excited.  Heartfelt Creations has asked me to put some videos together.  And if that wasn't enough they gave me this really cute and fun collection to work with.  I LOVE Bo Bunny. 

Here is the video to see up close everything I did.

Here are some photos of each project

First is the layout with room for 7 photos or journaling.
These are some up close photos of the tags, flowers, brads, stickers and ribbon. (oh so much I loved about this collection!)

Next up is the Mini Album. 
This was my most favorite.  It was so fun to put together.  Can't wait to get some photos in it!
Cards and tags (very simple)

This is my Lantern that I bought at Swiss Days a couple of weeks ago!
Check out Bo Bunny and this fun Apple cider Collection. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Wedding cards

This is card that started it all. 
I used a PNG File from Echo Park and opened in the Silhouette (see the Video in the last post). Next I used some scrap paper form my "left over" box.  It is a z-fold card (I will explain below).

I did another card the same way using another PNG file as a print and cut. Same z-fold.

And here is my wedding card.  I made up a bunch of them because I really needed a bunch of these!
Here is how to make this fun card.  You will need some black and white printed paper, card stock, blank ink, a scor-pal (or a trimmer with a scor-blade) and a tag, sticker or PNG.
Trim your black and white printed paper as follows
Inside:  4x 5 1/4
Outside: 4 x 2 1/4
middle: 4x 2 3/4
If you are using a PNG file print it out either in Microsoft word, photo shop or the Silhouette Studio.
You will also need a piece of black card stock to frame the picture.
Next cut a piece of white card stock to 4 1/4 x 11.  Score the card at  2 1/2 and 5 1/2.
fold it at the score lines in a z-fold.
Ink the edges of the black and white paper.  Assemble the card as shown.  Glue the tag so the left hand side is glued to the folded front piece and not attached to the back ground.
(I hope these instructions are clear as mud)
Are you ready?  Lets go make some cards!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Enjoy Life Card and Video

The next card we are going to look at this week is Enjoy Life
This card was made using a PNG file from "This & That"
I love using digital files because they have a lot of dimension without all the bulk.   (After making the videos, I realized that this kit was not from EP but I purchased it from My Memories) To purchase this kit click here.
I created this card 2 different ways.  First I used Microsoft Word:
Next (and my favorite way of course) was using the Cameo and Silhouette Software:
So I am new to YouTube and making videos.  This video got cut off at the end and is missing the printing instructions.  I will post the instructions or you can email me.
Enjoy these two new videos and let me know what you think.

Monday, September 17, 2012


It happened,  actually its been something that I needed to do for a while, I have just been putting it off. Last week I went to my card box to find a wedding card and it was empty! 

To solve the issue I spent all day Saturday making cards.  It was actually a great way to relax and I got a lot done.

I decided to share a few of the cards I made this week  AND I even put a couple of tutorials together.  Maybe, if your box is like mine was, you will get the itch to make some cards also.

This "be happy" owl card was inspired by a card I saw on Pintrest.  I used my Cameo to cut out all the pieces.

(sorry the picture is so awful on this card, the scanner just wouldn't work with the big Rosette)
To make this card
1. cut a piece of white card stock 5.25 x 4
2. cut 7 Strips of printed paper 1" wide.
3.  glue 6 of the strips of paper at an angle onto the white card stock.  Turn the card stock over and trim around the edges.
4. Glue the last strip of printed paper across the bottom
5. cut a strip of colored card stock 1" x 5.25".  Use a border punch to create the scalloped edge. Glue across the bottom
5. Glue the card stock to the front of a 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 card
7. Make a Rosette with a 12"x 1" strip of printed paper
8. punch out a scalloped circle and a smaller circle and glue to the Rosette. Finish with a button
9. Attach the Rosette with a strong glue to the front of the card.
This card is so pretty and would be well received but due to the bulk it can not be mailed in a regular envelope.
Keep checking all this week as I post new cards and tutorials.  (I am even working on some videos)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Secret Sister Gifts

As I mentioned before, this past month we had our girls camp.  It was a lot of fun; we got by on very little sleep, ate great (thanks to Larene), tried to stay dry and warm in the rain, went for a hike, did lots of crafts and oh yeah, saw three baby bears!  I kid you not, three little cubs got stuck in the dumpster and the camp missionaries let us come down and watch as they released them.  It was so cool and something I don't think the girls will ever forget.  I know I will not.

Anyway, I wanted to share some little gifts I made for my secret sister.  I just used things I had around the house so they were pretty inexpensive but a total hit. (and a lot of fun to put together also.)

For Day 1 I used chocolate.  I had these cute little boxes just laying around.  (I think a Friend and I ordered them in bulk a few years ago and these just happened to be left- you know that stash you have that you don't want to throw away because "someday" you might use it?)
I bought some Hersey Treasures candy and wrapped each piece in a scrap of printed paper.  (You will have to be sure to secure it well- I used red tacky tape.) Because the candies didn't fit in the box perfectly (do they ever?) I crumpled up some tissue paper to place around the side.
Next I wrapped a band of printed paper around the outside and then used a boarder punch to make the lacy white band. 
I made a little paper roset, punched a scalloped circle and stamped a circle tag, then glued it all together and added a button.  To finish the gift, I added a little tag that I was able to write the girls name on once we got to camp.
It really wasnt' as complicated as it sounds and she loved it.

Day 2 was even easier.  My son drinks Jones Sodas like crazy.  I simply washed out a bottle and let it dry really well.  I spray painted the lid white.  Using the same tools and supplies as I already had, I wrapped the bottle and made a little card to go over the top.
The bottle is filled with the little fruit shaped candies (can't remember what they are called right now)
It does take a lot of candies but they are so yummy!

Day 3 was the easiest of them all.  I simply put a bottle of yummy smelling lotion in a cello bag, made a card using leftover scraps of paper and tied a few strings of ribbon to it. 
What fun and inexpensive gifts.  I hope this will inspire you to give a little something to someone special this week!

Thank You!

I just wanted to send a shout out to everyone who has commented, emailed or reposted mine and my sisters chairs.  It really was a fun project and every ones comments makes me want to do more.

We took a bunch of photos and if I can gather them up I think it would be fun to put a post together explaining how we did it.  No promises but I will see what I can figure out.

While you are waiting, keep following, I have lots of new and fun things coming up.

 By the way, I would love to increase our followers, we are so close to 100.  Invite your friends and maybe I will do a contest here in a while.

Thanks again for all your support and encouragement.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Birthday Kits

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday...
Well you know the rest of the song.

If you love birthdays as much as we do, you are going to really like these two new kits.

Happy Birthday Blocks

cost $16.00
These blocks can be used for every one's birthday because the last block has a chalk board  to write the birthday persons name and date if you would like.

Kit comes with painted wood, paper, vinyl, chalk board vinyl and all the embellishments to finish.
This will also be taught as a class @ Heartfelt Creations on Wednesday, Sept 5th from 6 to 8 PM
(cost for class is $18.00)

Happy Birthday Banner

cost $15.00
This is the biggest banner I have done yet.  Comes with 12 pennants, all the paper, letters, stars, embellishments and string.  All you need to finish it is your favorite adhesive and some foam pop dots.

Let everyone know someone in your house is celebrating a birthday!!
Please have all orders turned in by Friday Aug 31.

Simply email me at

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Grandma's Chairs

Wondering where I have been this past month?  Well I started a new job.  I have been teaching and designing for Heartfelt Creations for the past two years but last month I started working there.  I mostly design the weekly page kits, put story board and displays together;  I also get to work with new products.  Its really been fun but going back to work has taken some getting use to!

Last week we also took D3 back to school, so this week we have been cleaning, making DI runs and rearranging bedrooms.

I am also working on new kits for Birthday, Back to School and Halloween.

That's not all... here is a project I have been working on with my sister.

My New Red Chair

Here is the story of my new red chair.

These 2 yellow chairs have been a part of my Grandma's house for as long as I can remember...even longer than that.  My mom said she remembers as a little girl helping her mother reupholstered them.
When my grandma got sick she would sit in one of the chairs and visit with anybody that would come to call.  She always sat in one and gave the other one to her visitor, insisting they were the most comfortable chairs in the house.

Two years ago this August, Grandma passed away.  Last summer when my sister and I went with my mom to help clean out grandma's house, we asked if we could each have one of the chairs. My yellow chair sat in my front room for a year.  Every time I looked at it I was reminded of Grandma;  however the yellow just looked out of place in my home.

Last month my sister and I decided it was time to do something with our chairs.  I remember mom telling us how grandma had reupholstered them so many years ago so I didn't think she would mind if we did it again.

The first step was Stripping the chairs down.  We did it in my mom's unfinished basement.
As we worked we took lots of photos and notes so we would know how to put it back (keep in mind, neither one of us had ever done anything like this before!)

After we stripped all the old yellow fabric, we sanded the wood and painted it a glossy black.

We worked together to finish them, but I have to say honestly I wouldn't have been able to do it without Carla's help.  (My hammer and Tack skills leave a little to be desired--but we got a good laugh!)

Carla's house is all done in creams and blacks so her chair (the one with the writing) was perfect.
I have always wanted a Red Chair to go in my front room to match my browns, blacks and reds.

I love how they turned out.  And now when I see my new Red Chair, I still think of Grandma but I think she is smiling and a little proud of what we did!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Pick your color - Pick your team

I am happy to announce the Cinch bags have been a huge success!  Wow!  I have had lots of requests for "school" bags.  Here, we are a house divided when it comes to our team of choice so to be fair I had to make one of each.

I won't tell you what one I root for...

But I will tell you in our house of 8 members - 4 bleed blue...

while 4 cheer for the wrong team ;)

If you want to show your loyalty, I am offering these bags as a kit, a class (at Heartfelt) or the pattern and instructions.

Same prices and info as the other cinch bags.  Just email me to order

The BYU/Utah pattern comes with a template to make the letter for each bag.
Not a fan of either team?  You can still order the pattern and use fabric from the team you cheer for.
When ordering please indicate if you want the Boy/Girl pattern or the BYU/Utah Pattern.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cinch Bags

Who doesn't love a fun new bag?  I created the pattern for these bags a year or so ago while we were preparing a trip to Yellowstone.  Everywhere we went someone stopped and asked me where I got those cute bags. 

This last month we went to California and took our cinch bags.  Once again I was stopped numerous times and asked where we got our bags.

When we returned home Heartfelt asked if I could put a fabric class together so of course I thought of my fun cinch bags.

I am excited to offer this  to all my friends out there. These bags have two big pockets on the outside for carrying all the extra "stuff" and are fully lined.  They are perfect for a day hike, travel, mini adventure or even a school bag. They also make a great carry on for kids. (and any thing else you can think of.) The best part is when the bag gets dirty, just throw it in the washing machine!

I have three different options available
Class- Sign up at Heartfelt creations to  recieve the kit and take the class on July 31 @ 6pm.  Cost $28.00

Kit- Includes pre-cut fabric *, (Be sure to indicate if you want the boy or girl bag),cording, and instructions w/ step by step color photos.  cost $25.00

Instructions and Pattern only-  You pick your own fabric and cut it out yourself Cost $8.00

(Fabric is $15 value, pattern includes a bonus pattern for the flower to use on the bag or other uses.)

Girl's Bag- pinks and greens with a bonus flower

Boys bag-Orange and Blues and lots of fun shapes.

To order kits please email me by July 18th. 

PS.  Get your orders in for the Paradise blocks, Beach Sign and Summer banner.  Orders are filling up quickly and will be sold out soon.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ah, paradise

What a crazy month June turned out to be. We spent a week and a half in California with my daughter's choir tour, then my eldest daughter's wedding, Youth Conference the next weekend and we finished the month with a trip to Atlanta. In between there was a funeral, a couple of classes, an Eagel board of review and lots and lots of LAUNDRY!!!. I am so looking forward to a lazy, laid back July.

I was trying to come up with the perfect summer kit and thinking of my daughter and new husband on their honeymoon in the (get this...) BAHAMAS!!!  Yep they enjoyed the sun, the sand and the water.  These kits are dedicated to them and anyone else who even dreams of a summer in the water and sunshine.  I hope you enjoy them.

Paradise blocks
cost $18.00
What is summer all about? Dreams, sunshine, relaxing and Paradise.  Even if it isn't we can pretend right.  This kit comes with everything you will need to complete it; Painted wood, paper, vinyl and embellishments.  (sorry no sea shells)
This will also be a class at Heartfelt creations on July 17th

Beach Sign
cost $10.00

This sign is so easy to do and different than anything I have offered in the past.  It includes the wood, the template and instructions. 

Summer Banner
cost $15.00
Hang a Summer Banner in your home.  Its a great way to welcome the season and bring some sunshine inside without going out in the heat!
Kit includes pre-cut banners, paper, embellishments and ribbon, all you need is glue. 

I will be taking orders until July13.  Just email me for orders or questions.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Patriotic Kits

School is out, does that mean things will slow down?  Its been a little crazy what with wedding planning, showers, graduations, promotions, year end performances and the works; but I still had time to put two new kits together for you. 

America Blocks (2012)
Cost $16
I love these bold colors and bright paper.  A perfect way to remember all the reasons we celebrate Independence day.
Kit comes with painted wood, paper, letters, vinyl words and embellishments.

Large Firecrackers
cost $13
Every year my firecrackers are a huge success.  This year I have made them bigger and brighter.  I hope you love the updated version as much as I do.
Kit comes with pre-painted wood, paper, wire and all the embellishments.

Both the America and Firecracker kits will be offered as a class at Heartfelt on June 19.

USA Subway Art
cost $12
I am bring back this subway art from last year.  I have changed vinyl to white to match the America and Firecracker kits.  If you missed out on this project last year you will want to be sure and get it now.   Kit comes with unpainted wood, vinyl, buttons and ribbon.

If you are interested in ordering any of these kits please email me by Friday, June 8 So I can get them out to you.

Also, I have had some requests for last years Freedom kits.  The paper for those is no longer available however I would be happy to still put kits together with a paper substitution if you are interested.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Boys and Girls Kit

Spring is definitely in the air and with it all the craziness that accompanies the end of a season and the beginning of another.  If you are needing a break and a project to work on look what I have for you!

Girls-Everything Nice

Pink, green and yellow.  This kit is perfect for your little girls room.  Kit comes with paper, vinyl, painted wood and embellishment.  Everything you need to let your little girl know how you feel about her.

Boys-Dirt plus Noise

Those poor boys get overlooked so often but not this time.  As the mother of a boy, I know just how true this saying is.  Kit comes with paper, vinyl, painted wood and all the embellishments.  If you have a boy, big or small, you need this kit!

I will be taking orders for both of these kits till Friday May 5th.  To place an order, Email me at

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Extra Kits

I have been busy with classes and kits this week and a have a few extras if you are interested.  Kits are finished and ready to go today but they will go fast so email me ASAP!

Here is what I have

Spring is Beautiful
cost $18
(2 left)

April Showers
( 2 left)

Plant*Bloom* Grow
(2 left)

The Ears are the best part
(1 left)

Please email me at if you would like any of these kits.